About TSAVO Trust

TSAVO Trust is a truly field-based organization seeking to secure and protect the Tsavo Conservation Area (TCA) in Kenya. The staff largely come from the local community, and the organization benefits from a strong set of experience, expertise and leadership that makes it a critical conservation player in the ecosystem.

At Tsavo Trust’s core is the protection of high value iconic species in the TCA. Their flagship programme is the identification and monitoring of Big Tuskers in the ecosystem, thought to be locally extinct until recently. Tsavo Trust is also the only institution monitoring the Hirola antelope present in the TCA.

Tsavo Trust has been a crucial partner to the Kenya Wildlife Service, providing support for aerial and ground biodiversity monitoring, anti-poaching and security operations, and attracting funding to the TCA.

Tsavo Trust is also pioneering the establishment of community conservancies in the Tsavo ecosystem (outside of the Taita-Taveta Ranches), providing much needed community development benefits and increasing the habitat available for wildlife.


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